How to integrate Flink with Confluent's schema registry

This post illustrates how to use Confluent's Avro serializer in order to let a Flink program consume and produce avro messages through Kafka while keeping track of the Avro Schemas in Confluent's schema registry. This can be interresting if the messages are pumped into or out of Kafka with Kafka Connect, Kafka Streams, or just with anything else also integrated with the schema registry.

Warning: As of now (Aug 2017), it turns out using Confluent's Avro deserializer as explained below is not ideal when deploying to FLink in standalone mode, because of the way caching is impemented ...

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Sending Avro records from Scala to Azure eventhub over AMQP

This post illustrates how to emit Avro records to Azure EventHub from scala in such a way that they are directly parsed by the other services of the Azure platform (e.g. Azure Stream Analytics).

There exists a Java API for communicating with Azure EventHub which is documented as part of the azure documentation and even made open source on github (things have changed at Microsoft...). That said, the most detailed documentation still seems to be based on the .NET API as manipulated with Visual Studio on Windows. Me being a Scala developer on a Mac, it took me a ...

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